Lanarkshire 2011 Games Legacy

Lanarkshire is the first host city in the history of the International Children's Games to have a Legacy Plan for the Games, to set out objectives and commitment to promote the goals of the ICG, maximise the social and economic benefits and take responsibility for environmental impacts.

The plan sets out three key objectives:

  • To promote the goals of the ICG and ensure its continued success
  • To maximise the social and economic benefits for Lanarkshire and Scotland
  • To take responsibility for the environmental impacts of the Games

Event organisers made sure that equipment purchased and facilities improved are available to support local sports clubs, and a Lanarkshire-wide youth sports competition is being created.

Education and learning before, during and after the Games is also highlighted in the plan which states lasting friendships between young people from around the world as being perhaps the most important legacy of all.

And promoting health is a key aspect of the Games. There was a three-day international health conference focusing on children's health, and all meals served during the games complied with healthy living standards.

Royal Strathclyde Blindcraft Industries, a charity employing blind people, were commissioned to supply beds and bedding for all competitors.

Finally, the Games were the greenest ever:

  • Existing buildings were used to accommodate visitors
  • Visitors were encouraged to use carbon offsetting schemes
  • Priority was given to buying local food, recyclable materials and avoiding using bottled water
  • 12 tree planting peat bog restoration projects were carried out

You can read the plans set out for the legacy of Lanarkshire 2011 International Children's Games by downloading the ICG Lanarkshire 2011 Legacy Plan in PDF format.